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Contact one of our staff at 613-546-4291.

Curator: Gordon Robinson
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Museum Assistant: Melissa Cruise
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Marketing & Communications: Amy Paauw
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Education & Engagement: Martha Kroeker
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Interested in joining our team of seasonal staff and volunteers?

We are a proud member of the Kingston Association of Museums, Art Galleries, and Historic Sites.

Reasons to Contact Us

Donating Items and Collections

The Pump House Steam Museum is always looking for collections and donations. Interesting items are always turning up in attics and basements, like photographs, old tools, and letters or telegrams that are related to our building’s history.

Volunteering Opportunities

We are also always on the lookout for museum volunteers. If you are a teen and looking for 40 hours of volunteer work, there’s no better place to volunteer than our museum. Not only will you learn about our community’s roots, you’ll become part of a community of diverse and fascinating people.

Directions to our Museum

Located in Eastern Ontario, the Pump House Steam Museum attracts visitors both near and far to Kingston, like Ottawa, Peterborough or Montreal. Our working pump house has historic technology that captures imaginations and historical interests. Furthermore, we often have additional exhibits and events, like our model train exhibit, or our Egypt exhibit. If you have any questions about our exhibits or our facilities, or if you have special needs, feel free to contact us.